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Helmet RX-7V EVO IOM TT 2023 limited edition

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The month of May/June will see a limited edition of the very famous IOM TT 2023 design dedicated to the Isle Of Man road race. As only a few pieces will be available, we recommend booking as soon as possible.


• The latest Arai helmet model that complies with the new ECE R22-06
• Updated ventilation with a focus on internal airflow
• Updated cheek pads that have the same shape and reverse fit as the Quantic
• Superior performance
• Available in sizes XS-XL

Arai's RX-7 has always been a benchmark in the research and development of motorcycle racing at the highest level. Handcrafted in Japan by a family business of three generations of motorcyclists, it is Arai's most advanced helmet in terms of protection, ventilation, comfort and fit. The new RX-7V EVO, apart from the accumulated improvements under the shell, looks identical.

Interna merila Arai
The difference? Everything. And finally, ECE R22-06 approval. Arai is always trying to accumulate small improvements decade after decade and meet the standards. In addition to ECE R22-06, each Arai must meet the company's own criteria. This is a very important point to note for any rider or racer interested in the ultimate protection that comes from Arai's dedication to protection.

Look away
Head protection means impact energy management. Many understand it to be energy absorption, but we believe it is only part of impact energy management. The lower the impact energy, the less must be absorbed. Arai does this by making rounder, smoother and stronger outer shells to improve Glance Off performance and reduce impact energy transfer to the helmet. This is unique to Arai and our core philosophy.

ECE R22-06
ECE R22-06 requires a much more stringent testing procedure than the previous ECE R22-05 and includes a tilt test to measure rotation. Arai introduced the RX-7V and gained homologation while maintaining the characteristic round, smooth and strong shell shape.

Searching for protection add-ons
Change for change's sake was never part of the Arai process. Careful evolutionary progress is important. While fashions come and go, Arai's focus has always remained the same: the pursuit of protection. Trendy looks and features may be tempting, and decades of technological innovation in the invisible parts of the helmet for improved head protection may not help them sell, but Arai is committed to protecting what is priceless: our customers. And fittingly, the RX-7V EVO maintains its position as a true benchmark of protection and the best motorcycle helmet Arai has made to date.

Something about the design itself...

Drudi Performance has been proud to design the Arai Isle of Man TT Limited Edition for many years, and for the new RX-7V EVO model, they have recreated the classic livery that mixes TT tradition with modern freshness.

There's nothing like the Isle of Man TT in the world. A spectacular celebration of motorcycling, which takes place over 60.72 km or 37.73 miles of regular roads, it attracts competitors and fans from all over the world. It's also an event that runs through Arai's DNA; many TT racers wear Arai helmets for the performance, protection and comfort at high speeds that Arai brand helmets offer, while the Arai service department puts a lot of effort into supporting all users of the brand on the island, with service and various spare parts.

Uniquely, Arai has long marked its commitment to the event – and to every TT – by releasing a very special version of its RX-7 racing helmet, with a livery designed by the legendary Drudi Performance. The beautiful and highly collectible limited edition Arai IoM TT sells out every year. The 2023 design, like last year, is based on the premium RX-7V EVO helmet with the approval of the new ECE R22-06 safety standard.

The new design is simply stunning and mixes tradition with modernity. Classic black, red and white is the base, with a bright splash of fluoro yellow on the sides, where Ellan Vannin (translated Isle of Man in Mananese) is subtly picked out.
Also present – from the first design in 2007 – is the Triskelion (three human legs) and the bold 'twin' TT logos crowning the top and the checkered flag motif.